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About Us

MowsquitoTech provides effective mosquito and spider barrier + control treatments for residential and commercial properties. We also specialize in professional lawn maintenance services to get your turf looking better than your neighbors. Our friendly professional state certified technicians specialize in mosquito control, lawn fertilization, and commercial lawn maintenance. Our primary goal is to help our customers add an extra layer of defense to protect their pets and family against heartworm and mosquito borne viruses. We defend you and your pets by using our satisfaction guaranteed 3 step integrated pest management program:

1. Identifying and eliminating all harborage sites of mosquitoes.

2. Treating or eliminating all standing water to destroy mosquito larvae before they become airborne.

3. Treating all trees, foliage, underneath decks, and full property perimeter with superior insecticides and methods to kill and repel adult mosquitoes and biting black flies.

NOTE: With our precision mosquito and spider control treatments: Only a very minimal amount of insecticide will ever land on your lawn from treating trees. We only use EPA vigorously tested and approved insecticides. Beware of the many false claims of effective “all natural” mosquito control. Many “all natural” products fail to work properly and make a pest problem worse than it was before.

Our lead technician has trained under 2 fortune 500 outdoor service companies including many great local companies, is state licensed in 4 pesticide categories, and has over a decade of experience within the professional pest control, fertilization, and lawn maintenance industries.

MowsquitoTech technicians are experienced experts in mosquito, spider, wasp, ant, and biting black fly pest control and prevention. Our specialty is preventative pest management. Preventative pest control prevents pest infestations before it plummets your homes value and becomes a danger to your family and pets.