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Keep Your Kids And Pets Safe From Flea bites and the itch.

Traverse City Flea control Specialist:
We have one of the most thorough and cost effective flea treatment programs in Northern Michigan.

Unfortunately, most “all natural” flea products and old wives tales are simply ineffective and a waste of your hard earned money when it comes time to do battle with fleas. Let us help your pets and kids be flea free. Their safety is always paramount when treating inside your home. I treat my personal home with 3 furry felines that are our kids just as I would treat my customers home.


Our super low toxicity indoor and outdoor treatment procedures, combined with important customer recommendations, will help keep your for pets and families flea free and free from itch. We guarantee flea eradication if you follow our recommendations after our treatment. CLICK HERE TO INQUIRE ABOUT OUR FLEA TREATMENT SPECIAL!!