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Core Aeration Service And Overseeding

What is Lawn Aeration or Core Aeration?

We use professional grade aeration equipment that can encourage a healthy lawn, either by rehabilitating struggling spaces or encouraging new growth. Core aeration is just another tool of the trade . Cores are typically two to three inches long and about a half an inch wide. Cores are extracted every few inches. These little clumps of soil are then distributed across the surface of the lawn. Lawn aeration is common practice in the management of a lush and healthy lawn.

We repair all irrigation heads free of charge if they are damaged from this service.

Why Lawn Aeration Is The Key To A Greener Lawn

As time passes the root system of your lawn becomes overgrown and compacted. Think of this congestion as a barrier that’s preventing all of the nutrients and benefits of water and airflow to circulate into the soil layer. Regularly scheduled aeration is the best way to encourage deep-penetrating air circulation that can build pathways that create access to water.

Lawn aerations is also the best way to get the most out of fertilizing, irrigation and overseeding. Core aerations can help fertilizer applications work their way deeper into the soil without being blocked by a compacted root system.

Our fall aeration overseeding service is the only way to go for a thicker, healthier, greener lawn.