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Fertilization Programs

Fertilization customers will receive only the highest grade slow release fertilizer May-September.

Enjoy a green, weed-free lawn all summer long. We have a program that will fit your budget and your lawns specific needs.

FIRST FERTILIZATION TREATMENT 50% off When Signing up for our seasonal mowing package. Get perfectly timed lawn mowing after each fertilizer application.

Round 1. Crab grass preventer.
Round 2. Weed-N-Feed
Round 3. Mid-summer high nitrogen fertilizer.
Round 4. Late summer blend.
Round 5. Winterizer blend +weed control.

Our fertilization customers will receive 5 golf course grade fertilizer applications April through September.

  • We will not fertilize your lawn before a spring cleanup. We will not mow your lawn within 24hrs of an herbicide application to ensure maximum herbicide effectiveness.
  • There is no need for more than 5 fertilization application per season in our region to achieve a healthy, lush, weed free lawn.
  • We never leave fertilizer on your driveway or your sidewalks.